Thomas Scalco.
Born in Vicenza, in 1987. 
Specialization in visual arts, painting, at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice in 2014.
Lives and works in Vicenza and Venice.


Every painting is meant to push the viewer over the edge of the canvas
and colors perceptible by the senses, to a reality, and then the paintings
share with all the symbols in general to their fundamental ontological
characteristic - to be what they symbolize. 
But if the artist does not reach the goal - in general or to a specific viewer - and the work does not
lead by itself anywhere, not even mentioned as a work of art ...

P. A. Florenskij, The Royal Doors

Thomas Scalco's artwork is born from a combination of randomness and control, self-oblivion and self-awareness, order and mystery, rationality and ascesis. Like the products of a chemical reaction brought back to synthesis, the different elements collide with one another in the artist's practice – some carefully measured, others spontaneously watched as they grow – giving birth to obscure and enigmatic scenarios in which mysterious geometrical shapes appear and preserve the features of an epiphany or of an apparition from another universe.
These are works of art that, despite maintaining a firm abstraction, never stop providing new figurative cues that keep showing and denying themselves to the eye because of a natural tendency to oxymoron.
The ambiguity of the oracle-type language is taken as an ideal model in these works of art, the main value of which is their capability to shield themselves and to keep escaping a total cognitive discovery. In the tension of this never-ending and unresolved discovery, you are led to a hallucinated and arcane world, open to the spiritual dimension of transcendence.
It is hard to say where the majestic roads skillfully molded by Scalco will lead to, although to traverse them, even just with the eyes, allows to experience, without exhausting it, the pulse of mystery.

Gabriele Salvaterra

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